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Wisconsin Farmers are Doing Better with President Trump

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Out of state, dark money groups have already begun to attack President Trump with misleading ads in an attempt to paint a picture that isn’t really there. They want you to believe that one person is representative of an entire industry. I am here to set the record straight.

The future of our farmers couldn’t be brighter in Wisconsin. Passage of the USMCA trade deal opens up markets with prices that make Wisconsin agricultural products more competitive than they have been in decades. It has eliminated an overly complicated, punishing quota system that kept Wisconsin milk and cheese from being sold in Canada in large quantities. The USMCA puts Wisconsin dairy farmers in a position to increase exports to Mexico, something that hasn’t happened in years. 

Did you know that career politicians in congress refused to vote on USMCA for well over a year, due to politics; knowing that it was hurting our dairy farmers! We lost another 750 farmers in 2019. How many of those farmers would still be in business today if career politicians in congress passed the USMCA in a timely manner? 

With the newly announced renovation to the Port of Milwaukee to turn it into a grain export hub, Wisconsin corn and soybean farmers will be able to affordably compete on the international trade markets. Without a significant contribution from the Trump Administration, those markets would continue to be closed off…perhaps permanently. 

We are on the verge of an agriculture boom in Wisconsin, thanks in part to positive trade deals negotiated by President Trump. Sadly, career politicians in DC are trying to turn the hard-working farmers of Wisconsin against their best interests. Wisconsin voted Trump in 2016 to give us faith in the future. He has done his part. We need to do our part and not be led astray by big money donors who don’t understand Wisconsin.

I support our farmers. As your congressional representative I will work together with you and for you!

John Garske